The Eastbridge Hospital, A Pilgrims Rest And Recovery House In Canterbury

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The Eastbridge Hospital of St. Thomas was founded in 1190 to accommodate the the pilgrims that had started to visit the tomb of St. Thomas Becket who was murdered in 1170. The word hospital is used in its original sense, meaning a place of hospitality. Originally those people in need; typically the old or infirm could stay for free whilst healthy and solvent pilgrims were expected to pay. There were limits to how long one could stay but the basic premis was simply lodgings for pilgrims and help for anyone who had been taken ikk.

The Chaple on the top floor of the Hospital overlooks the High Street but it is one of the calmest places in the city.

Since its foundation 1190 the fortunes of the Eastbridge Hospital have fluctuated but in that time it has been an almost constant source of  help and charity.

Today, in a tour of the Hospital you can see the; Chantry Chapel, Pilgrims Chapel. Undercroft with Gothic Arches and Refectory with its 13th century mural. There are permanent displays explaining the history of this institution.

A 'must see' attraction for anyone visiting Canterbury.

Opening Hours:

  • The Eastbridge Hospital is open all the year round between Monday and Saturday (inclusive) 10am to 5pm.


  • Eastbridge Hospital
    25 High Street
    Kent CT1 2BD
  • Tel: 01227 471688

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