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This is our Deal Timeball Tower feature. Ttimeball towers exist today as reminders of our history in different places in different countries. Where they still function the ball usually drops at 1pm, except in the USA where the ball drops at 12noon. If you've visited the Deal Timeball Tower (or another for that matter) we'd welcome your feedback. If you'd like to recommend another local tourist attraction for inclusion in our guide use the feedback details at the foot of the page. If you're looking for more suggestions of places to visit in and around Kent check out our Discover Kent page.

Latest News

As has been widely reported in the local media a £20,000 repair bill has led to the launch of a fund raising appeal for this landmark. For more details contact the Timeball Tower direct.

The Tower

This strange piece of architecture on the seafront at Deal is a relic of a bygone age. An age before watches and clocks were in widespread use or accurate. The building that houses the Deal Time Ball was originally built in 1795 and used as both a Semaphore Station and a Shutter Telegraph before the time ball was added. Both Sempahore and Shutter Telegraph were link communication tools where a message was passed from one such station to another thus providing both a local and ultimately national communication network.

During the time of these uses Deal was an important part of the country's navel infrastructure, it had a dockyard and Royal Navy ships would be frequently anchored off Deal.

In 1855 a time ball was added to the top of the tower, the ball is raised to the top of the pole and at exactly at 1pm every day it is lowered, in this way anyone with sight of the tower, on sea or land would know when it was exactly 1pm.

Today the building is owned by Dover District Council and has been run as a a museum by a group of enthusiastic volunteers since 2004. the theme of the museum is time and telegraphy.

Opening Hours

  • The museum is open at the weekend and on Bank Holidays from 12 noon until 4pm between Easter and the beginning of October. The museum is also open on Wednesday, Thursdays and Friday 11am to 4pm during June, July, August and September.
  • Group visits welcome at other times by prior appointment.

Location And Contact:

  • Landmark Centre
    High Street
    Deal CT14 6BB
  • 01304 369576
  • www.whitecliffscountry.org.uk

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