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I'm sure most of the people reading this feature are now familiar with the basic idea behind online grocery shopping. In common with the other leading retailers ASDA offers online shopping in most parts of the country. They have a range of solutions including shop online and get your groceries delivered or buy online and collect at the store.

Rather than just repeat all of the detailed information from ASDA's own press releases and websites we've chosen to provide a general outline of the main aspects of the scheme and add some value with person experience and user reviews. If you've shopped online and had a particularly good or bad experience we'd welcome your feedback. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

10% Cheaper Than The Competition

The store runs a price guarantee scheme comparing shopping bills with; tesco.com, sainsburys.co.uk, Morrisons (in-store) and waitrose.com. If ASDA is not cheaper they'll refund you the difference. You'll need to visit the website to see the full terms and conditions.

Home Delivery

Shop from home up to 11.00pm and still get next day delivery. Delivery can be arranged in any of the available two hour slots. The online store is open 24/7 so you really can shop whenever you want. Grocery home delivery is particularly useful if you don't have your own vehicle or buy any heavy or bulky items that require a lot of man handling; bottled water, nappies or soap powder for example.

Ordering Online

When you do your shopping via the web there is a handy running total widget that allows you to see how much you've spent up to that point. The innovation that I find most useful, particularly if I'm shopping in a hurry is my own supermarket shelf. It's something like a favorite list where you can keep the products you're most likely to want so you don't need to browse the whole store. Online shopping can be done by browsing by product brand and/or price. Special offers are automatically flagged.

Your Account

When you register you will be able to keep several different delivery addresses, your place of work or a holiday home for example. Once you've placed your order you'll be able to make changes and/or amendments up to the 11pm cut off.

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