The Two Caps, The Opal Coast Of France

Welcome to our The Opal Coast of France tourist information page. If you've ever travelled between Calais and Boulogne on the dual carriageway (A16), your journey may have been fast and efficient but much of the natural beauty of the Opal Coast (Cote d'Opale) will have escaped you. The small coastal road (D940) that links the local towns and villages, meanders along in beautiful, gently undulating countryside, passing by the two caps (two peaks) and many local landmarks. We've been publishing this and similar features for over a decade. Your feedback is really important to us so we welcome your comments. Our contact details are at the foot of the page. Follow this link for main France tourism page.

Sea, rock and soil are the vital ingredients that make up the diverse landscapes of the Cote d’Opale. On a clear day the white cliffs of Dover are visible from vantage points along this coast (a mirror image of the view you get of the French cliffs from Dover Castle). It's an area of understated beauty and is famous for its sandy beaches, which although brilliant for families can be very breezy.

From Calais the D940 passes through: Sangatte then on to Escalles, Wissant, through the villages of Tardinghen, Audinghen, Audressles, Ambleteuse and on to Wimereux ending this short journey finally at Boulogne sue Mer. The sea is the dominant factor on this part of the coast; from Wissant in the east to Ambleteuse to the west a succession of fishing villages and seaside resorts. The area between Caps Blanc Nez and Gris Nez is especially interesting and best visited on foot, on horseback or by bicycle.

Inland the area around Marquise has been dedicated to the extraction of marble for hundreds of years creating a dramatic man made landscape in the process. Well worth a detour. The area is well equipped for tourists with good quality accommodation and restaurants to suit all pockets. Plus the attraction of museums, designated routes and reception areas. This particular area is rich in the quality and quantity of the accommodation it can offer to visitors. Bed and breakfast and guest houses are in plentiful supply. Get recommendations from the local tourist office.

The History Of The Two Caps

The two caps are almost the closest point of France to the English mainland, as such they have been on the historic 'front line' in the historical conflicts involving the two countries. The village of Audinghen has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, There are several sites of historic significance not list the remains of the Blackness Fortress which dates from the reign of Henry the VIII. This military connection persisted up to the end of the second world war when the area saw significant German artillery emplacements development.

Local Produce

The Two Caps has a fine tradition of local produce and the are is particularly well known for recipes and meals that combine sweet and savoury. As a coastal area with a rich fishing tradition seafood is an important component on many restaurant menus. Shrimps and mussels are in plentiful supply and you can find locally made cheese and beer almost everywhere.


The Atlantic Wall Museum was part of the impressive sea defences built during the German WWII occupation. This attraction at Mimoyecques will give visitors a great insight into this dynamic period of history and what was like for the people involved in the conflict. If fine art is more your kind of thing you might like to take a short trip to the Chateau Mollack in Marquise, this elegant manor house has been fully restored and is the setting for many permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Offices de Tourism de La Terre des 2 Caps:

  • Office de Tourisme de La Terre des 2 Caps - 1 Place de la Mairie - 62179 WISSANT
  • Maison du Tourisme à Marquise - Place Louis le Sénéchal - 62250 MARQUISE
  • Maison du Tourisme à Ambleteuse - CD 940 - 62164 AMBLETEUSE

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"If you're visiting the are don't drive through Ambleteuse without stopping and taking a look around, it's a charming place with a character all its own. The beach is nice in warm weather although a little narrow compared to others in the area. You won't be surprised to know there are many great places to eat and drink in the village. If you have the time try an overnight stop going to or from your destination, you'll get a lot more from your stay and there is some great low costs digs in and around the village." Mr & Mrs Breeze