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Berck is small town with a population of about 15,000, the emphasis is on tourism and seafood. As an area with an active fishing fleet you can find excellent local fresh fish amongst the cafes and restaurants in and around the town. Berck has something for every budget but is a particularly good place for families to come and eat, some English is spoken almost everywhere. If you need more information contact the local tourism office (details below). Not all restaurants in the town are included here, at the lower price range quality is variable so where possible find reliable recommendations.

Information for places to eat the Berck Sue Mer area on this page, this link for our most recent local French tourism feature. If you run a hotel, bar or restaurant in the town and would like a free listing simply send us an email.

Many of the hotels and boarding houses in the area have restaurants that are open to the public so if you don't see anything here that takes your fancy please check out our local hotel and tourist information pages for more suggestions.

These listings are for information purposes only and do not imply any firm endorsement on our part. Where we received positive feedback we include it. We don't list any establishment which attracts negative feedback from different sources. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Restaurants In The Cote Opal

Please note that we make every effort to keep these details up to date but check with the relevant restaurant if you need some specific information. Berck is very much a seaside resort, out of high season opening hours may be reduces and in low seasons some restaurants and bars do close.

  • Le Bistrot - Traditional food, family menu, excellent pizza and steaks, a down to earth popular place, portions are described as generous and the atmosphere is lively.
    • 54 rue Rothschild
  • Le Concord - Large open fireplace adds some character to this restaurant which can be found opposite the town's casino. Regional dishes, family atmosphere, children most welcome.
    • 39 rue Gabriel Peri
  • Le Cornet - In common with many of the local restaurant regional food is centre stage at Le Cornet with many specialties on offer. The feedback we receive has been mixed with much more positive comments from 2012 onwards. The view for diners is supposed to be spectacular.
    • 1 Esplanade Parmentier.

  • La Guinguette - This campsite bar restaurant has attracted good feedback, primarily from people camping on site. If you think of a typical campsite bar/restaurant offering a take away service you'll get a good idea on what's on offer.
    • 32 Chemin aux Raisins
  • Le Gourmet Des 4 Chemins - A small but delightful restaurant about two miles south of Berck, it's a great place to eat in if you're stopping to visit the Bay Authie. Families are welcome but book in advance if you're planning to go on a highday or holiday as there's a limited number of covers. Menu options start at about €25 (without drinks). Highlights include the seafood platter and the home made foie gras.
    • Groffliers
  • Auberge De La Salette - Another charming inn/restaurant in Groffliers, traditional French food with some excellent local dishes. There is usually a 'Menu Gastronomic' on offer for €36 which included (at the time of writing): prawns in whisky, cassolette, a dozen oysters, duck in orange, Sole Meuniere with dessert. The three cheese board was €6 extra, a good investment in our opinion.
    • Groffliers
  • Chez Mireille - Have you visited this popular and well established restaurant in Chemin Genty? We'd welcome your feedback, prices looked good and menus interesting.
    • Chemin Genty
  • Au Petit Pot Du Mineur - "We have eaten here and the experience was very good for the price, it must be said we generally seek out budget brasseries when in France so we have some experience at this price range."
    • 76 rue de l'Imperatrice
  • Auberge Du Mont Roti - It's been a while since we had any feedback from this brasserie, if you've been here in the last twelve months we'd welcome your comments. Chemin des Bois is a little off the beaten track about six miles South East from Berck. Groffliers lies about half way between Berck-sur-Mer and Chemin des Bois.
    • Chemin des Bois, Conchil Le Temple

More Suggestions?

If you'd like more ideas about eating out in the area you could think about: Brasserie Le Neptune on 36 Esplanade Parmentier or Le Regina on 38/40 rue de Lhomel or Le Voltaire on 29 Avenue du Général De Gaulle. If you want to travel a little further Poivre Rouge -is about two miles to the East of Berck at Rang-du-Fliers it serves traditional French cuisine and a grill menu.

Tourist Office Location & Contact

The local tourist office is at:

  • Address: 5, Av. Françis Tattegrain
  • Telephone: +33 (0)321095000
  • Website:

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