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A Booking Guide With General Advice Tips And Ticket Options

This is the Yourcounty Eurotunnel booking and tourism information feature. The aim of this page is twofold, firstly to give some sensible information, tips and hints about using and booking with Eurotunnel and secondly to highlight the availability of Eurotunnel's tourism resources. In common with much of our coverage it has been formed and developed thanks to user feedback. If you have any experience of Eurotunnel we'd welcome your feedback, particularly if you're able to make a comparison between a recent ferry crossing with the tunnel! Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. You can see our latest French tourism features here.

Are you looking for some added value holiday help or some pointers of what to do and see when you cross the Channel? Eurotunnel has a range of tourism resources, largely directed at the independent traveller with their own transport. We've personally used and reviewed this help in recent years and they are amongst the best free help we've found.

Eurotunnel Booking Tips

The key to the best prices with Eurotunnel are: to book in advance, to travel at the cheapest times and take advantage of special offers and reduced prices. If you're a regular traveller the Frequent Traveller may offer significant discounts.

The most popular ticket types include: Day Trip & Overnight (day trips or short breaks), Short Stay Saver (only for 5 days or less), Short Stay FlexiPlus (short duration with flexible departure and return options), Long Stay (unlimited duration), Frequent Traveller (multi trip ticket). The prices are dependent on a number of factors but prices for a day return ticket start at £22.

Tourism Guides And Help

There is a lot of information on the website, we just scratch the service here. Featured resources include:

Within one hour of the Channel ports features nearby attractions and places of interest including: Saint Omer, Aqualud Waterpark, Arras, Dunkirk, Lille 3000 and a Market days guide. If you're thinking of travelling a little bit further get some information about attractions such as: Antwerp, the Lille Christmas Market and the Lille Flea Market, Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte.

If you need more you'll also find city and regional guides, local market and shopping guides. A ski-drive feature, and a wealth of practical information for anyone driving in France including, including a European route planning tool.

Eurotunnel Feedback & Disclaimer

This page is maintained but if you find that any links are broken or information out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement. We welcome submission of local tourist information for a free listing here. Please see our disclaimer.

User Comments

"Dear La France,

Is it worth pointing out that the extra cost of the tunnel compared to the ferry is normally offset by the time saved and flexibility of crossing? The lowest price I can get a ferry return for is £20 to £24, Eurotunnel is £42 to £50. The reduced embarcation/disembarcation times and journey times save me about two hours on a round trip. The Tunnel terminal is about 20 miles closer to me then the docks so that's another hour and four or five pounds in petrol. When there is a ferry deal I'm always happy to take advantage of it.