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This is the Yourcounty La France feature, we've been publishing tourist information for the North West of France and Belgium for over a decade. We have a significant number of features, some published here other information is linked from the Directory. Most of our content is written by our researcher and feature writer but we really appreciate feedback so if you have something you'd like to share do get in touch. Our contact details are at the foot of the page. We include a lot of user comment to add value to the listings and recommendation we publish. If you're looking for Eurostar features and reviews you might like information about about Provence & Avignon, group booking discounts, visiting Lille or the Eurostar Snow Train.

We include a few Belgium tourism features in these pages and although we know they don't geographically fit in a 'La France' section from a tourism point of view they do present a series of seamless opportunities in the wider region to tourists.

We don't limit our coverage (geographically speaking) to the department of the Pas-de-Calais, although the main body of our material does concentrate on towns like: Arras, Béthune, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais Lens, Montreuil, Saint-Omer and all points in between. The Nord department is also well represented in the Yourcounty coverage; it includes the city of Lille and towns of: Roubaix, Tourcoing, Valenciennes, Douai, and Dunkirk. We also have a number of features that offer tourist information for the Flanders area of Belgium as well as the more distant French departments of Somme and Aisne.

We aim to present our information in a magazine format when you can follow links from feature to feature. If you're looking for something in particular you can use the Google search tool to make an internal search of the website. We tend not to be too inflexible about what we include and about 90% of the places we include are within two and a half hours drive of the channel ports. It's also part of our editorial policy to feature a wide range of locations and businesses. So you will find fast food restaurants recommended alongside luxury hotels. It's our intention to provide something for everyone.

We aim to write as much of our content as possible rather than simply repeat information published elsewhere, we do welcome original user reviews and suggestions and recommendations. If you would like a free listing or to suggest somewhere for inclusion simply send us an email with La France in the subject line.

More Direct Services To France From Ashford

It has been announced that Eurostar will be running new direct services to the South of France from 1st May 2015. Passengers travelling from Ashford will soon be able to reach: Avignon, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Paris without having to change trains. The news is a further boost to the Kent railway station, recent figures show that Ashford International is in the top 6% of busy stations in Britain.

Wimereux, A Most Traditional Opal Resort

Wimereux can usually be reached in less than half an hours car's drive from Calais. It is a very traditional Northern French seaside town. Very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, it boasts a links golf course, botanical gardens, art exhibitions and equestrian facilities; pursuits just as popular between the wars as they are today. This link for Honfleur tourist help.

The Two Caps

Take the coastal road between from Calais and Boulogne and you'll get a feel for the character of an area that's known affectionately by locals as the Two Caps. The D940 is much less popular route than the dual carriageway that links the seaside towns of the Opal Coast but it's a much better way to see the local countryside and villages. If time permits stop off for lunch and you'll get to know a lot more about this are which has in a sense been on the the front line of conflicts between Britain and France over the last six hundred years. If you seek reliable recommendations on where to stay and eat you are likely to get the most from your stay. Prices will generally be a little cheaper than staying in Calais or other nearby towns.

The Museum Of Boulogne Has Reopened

This important local attraction opened its doors on the 15th February following a period of development and improvement. The Museum in one of the leading municipal museums on the Opal Coast. If you are spending any time in the area it is well worth a visit.

Hotels In Berck sur Mer

Judging by the comments we've received over the years Berck is like Marmite, people either love it or hate it. I personally think it has a wonderful beach and a number of excellent value for money hotels and restaurants. If you've been there in the last twelve months we'd welcome your feedback.

Eating Out In Calais

Our Calais restaurant guide has just been brought up to date. We feature twelve dining experience available in and around the town. Seafood is of course very important but it's just one of the aspects of eating out in the Pas! Our previous feature included over 40 brasseries, restaurants and cafes from the town and surrounding area but feedback suggested this was just too many for many of our users to make a sensible comparison. We're always open to your suggestions so if you'd like to tell us about somewhere please let us know.

Supermarket Shopping In Calais

With cross channel ferry tickets currently available for £24 (with six free bottles of wine) and savings on a bottle of table wine at Calais supermarkets of around £2, there's never been a better time to pop across to Calais for a money saving shopping trip. There's a wide choice and where you should go depends on what kind of experience you want, for example an authentic French retail experience, cheap wine, or high quality local artisan produce not normally available in UK supermarkets.


A member of the French network of Artistic and Historic Towns, one of only four in the area (the others being Boulogne-sur-Mer, Cambrai and Roubaux). It's also part of the a Euroregion cultural alliance of 'Historic Towns' that includes Canterbury. A pretty town with an important Cathedral and a very Flemish flavour! More details on the St Omer page or the hotel page.

3 Villages Of Guines

If you're looking for a hidden jewel in easy reach of the channel ports check out our Les Trois-Pays page. Guines, Licques and Hardinghen have a total population of less than 15,000 and is very much a rural community. We have only received positive feedback about this local beauty spot, lots of rambling, horse riding and some cycling.

Calais Tourism Website

The aim of the Calais Tourism website feature is to highlight the local tourism information providers and and to highlight just what a great free resource they are for English tourists and holiday makers.

Eurotunnel Booking Tips And Ticket Options

We highlight the Eurotunnel booking system, some basic pointers on how to get the best deals and add some extra value through the tourist guides and user feedback. City and tourist information for a range of attractions including; Antwerp, the Lille markets and Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Reims And Troyes - Get A Flavour Of The District

A must see destination for Champagne drinkers but the area around Reims and Troyes is definitely worth an extended stay, its primary qualities are connected to its natural beauty. Like many places in France you're never far away from some pretty good restaurants. Hotels are a little over priced but if you do some research you can find some delightful family run small hotels and guest houses.

Hotels In Flanders

Well actually we're still keeping this page focussed on hotels in Brussels as that's where most feedback seems to be interested in. If you'd like us to extend our coverage to other parts of Flanders; Antwerp, Ghent or Leuven for example do let us know.

Visiting Bruges

Just two hours from Calais, Bruges is one of the most beautiful and culturally important cities in Northern Europe, museums (attracting more than a million visits a year), restaurants, some great hotels, and an impressive canal network are just a few of the attractions that keep tourists returning year after year.

Ferry To France

There are a lot of great deals around (at the time of writing), the pick of the bunch from our perspective is the P&O car plus five adults for £24, including six free bottles of win and a 2 for 1 meal deal. If you know of something better let us know. The key issues in obtaining the best possible price is to shop around and do a little research. If you can plan your trip in advance you might also be able to benefit from special offers. The converse is also true, if you do no research and book on the day of travel you are likely to be paying a premium price.

Nausicaa Sea Life Centre, Boulogne, Centre National de la Mer

A tour of the Sea Life facility will take you from two to three hours and is likely to hold the interest of naturalists of all ages. The primary role of the centre is to promote understanding of the sea, the creatures that live in and its sustained use.

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