Shopping In Auchan Calais

One of the many advantages of living in easy reach of the Channel ports and the Eurotunnel Terminal is the opportunity to pop across to France as a natural part of a regular shopping regime. For details of more supermarkets in the Pas de Calais and the surrounding area visit the main France tourism page.

If crossing the channel to visit a supermarket seems at first glance extravagant consider that at the time of writing I can achieve a £2 saving on a bottle of table wine at Auchan Calais compared to my local Canterbury supermarket. Even greater discounts on wines of superior quality are generally available although you might have to do some searching to find them. Prices on beer and spirits can also be particularly attractive to shoppers coming from England.

Why Shop In France

Deals on ferry tickets offer terrific value in low season, at the time this article was written, a car and up to five people could travel with P&O for a return day trip fare of just £24, this included six free bottles of wine from the on board shop. So the raw facts are if I travel to France once every couple of months buy thirty plus bottles of wine I can expect to save more than the cost of the ferry ticket.

This is just one of the reasons why Calais attracts such huge numbers of regular British shoppers. Once you arrive at one of the big local supermarkets, the temptation to try some of the local 'exotique' produce is so great that alongside wine and beer regular shoppers from the UK will be filling their estate cars with; meats, cheeses, tins of cassoulet and much more.

We make Auchan our most regular port of call in Calais, prices are very competitive and the choice is suburb, there are however several other large retail outlets that you could visit in the area.

We and our users have tried and/or recommended most of the supermarkets and superstores within east reach of the Kent ports. However we welcome your feedback about Auchan Calais and all the other local stores that might be of interest to our audience. If you want to add your comments simply send us an email, our contact details are at the foot of the page. We're particularly looking for the views of people normally shopping in UK stores on their experience of the French Supermarkets. For example in some supermarkets parking at peak times may be a problem. Quality of certain produce may be better or worse than your local UK outlet, prices also may be different. What advice would you give to someone shopping in France for the first time.

Be advised that French supermarket opening hours in general may differ to the opening hours in the UK, most shops are closed on Sunday's for example, Auchan is no exception to this. Please see our disclaimer.

Auchan Calais

Auchan Calais is one of the biggest supermarkets in the area and it's prices are very competitive. It has a greats election of wine but it is a genuine superstore and much more than a wine warehouse. Auchan is popular with locals and English visitors alike, there is ample parking and it is easy to find.

At the time of writing Auchan Calais was open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 9.00pm, from 8.30 am to 10.00pm. It is usually closed on Sundays.

Location & Contact

If you want to make a specific enquiry by calling the Supermarket if you speak a little French it will help. You will find this Auchan at:

  • Avenue Roger Salengro, Calais

About Auchan

Groupe Auchan SA is one of the largest French retail groups, it is active in more than ten countries it has over 275,000 employees servicing 3,000 supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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