Trois Pays, The Villages Of Guines, Licques and Hardinghen

The Three Villages

This is a small but historically very important part of Northern France just a short distance from the channel ports, almost equidistant between Boulogne and Calais. Its greatest claim to fame is that it is the location of the 'cloth of gold', the place where in 1520 two Kings, Henry VIII and François 1 met to reach a compromise and so avoid a costly war. This historic location is recognised by a small sign on an adjacent verge. If you'd like details of more tourist attractions follow this link for the main La France page. We welcome suggestions and recommendations for attractions, hotels and restaurants in the area simply send us the details, our contact details are at the foot of the page.

The are is actually made up of three small towns, the aforementioned Guines, Hardinghen, Licques. The total population of this predominantly rural area is just under 15,000,the total number of inhabitants is swollen by visitors and tourists in the spring summer and autumn. The area has been something of a fluid front line in centuries of conflict between several nations including England and France.

Tourist attractions centre largely around the outdoors and when you visit the area you will see a number of people out and about both on foot and bicycle in fine weather. The Clock Tower of Guines can be found in Castle Street, it is a popular local point of interest. There is a reconstructed historic model village at St Joseph where visitors can enjoy a free tour. For those with more time and energy the forest adventure park of Guines gives visitors access to platforms elevated up to 15 meters.

Pony trekking and riding lessons are available through the Ferme Du Drap d’Or, there is stabling, show jumping and carriage riding all on the one site. If you enjoy fishing Courtebourne Ponds offer freshwater facilities between the 1st of April and the end of September.

Every winter the Turkey festival takes place in Licques alive with the Festival of Turkey, during the regional market regional market noble 'Lords' and 'Ladies' dressed in costume accompany the turkeys on a seasonal procession that is known throughout France.

The culinary traditions of this area are exemplified by the production of foie gras, honey and beer. Noted producers include: La Ferme du Boquet at Bainghen, a local producer of fruit and veg and local jams. The Willows Cheese Producers has a shop on site at Herbinghem which sell cheeses, yogurt butter and cream. Pork products such as ham, pork, pate, steaks and sausages can be found at The Pig Licquois in Rue Courtebourne.

Location And Contact

The local tourist office will be able to provide more information about all of the attractions mentioned on this page, it also holds details of local food and accommodation. They have variable opening hours so check before you set off, particularly in the low season.

  • In July and August the tourism office is open from 10am to 12noon and then 1.30pm to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.
  • The office isn't open on Sunday between April and September
  • The rest of the year opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 12.30 then 2pm to 5pm.
  • The office is at 14 Rue Clemenceau, 62340 Guînes
  • (0033) 3 21 35 73 73
  • Office de Tourisme -

The Trois Pays Feedback & Disclaimer

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User Comments

"Dear All

I fully endorse the user feedback about the Trois Pays (three villages) this is now my favorite destination in France, it's a short distance from Ashford if you take the Tunnel. If you cross the channel take the time to have a look see.

Mr & Mrs Murstone"

"Dear Yourcounty

Guines is the cliche' of an undiscovered jewel, it's brilliant, within easy reach of the UK.

P Thurhold"

Moll emailed Yourcounty to say:

"The turkey procession is worth seeing if you are in that part of France, really great fun and it's very well known."

Yourcounty user Marian Anderson emailed us with her experience of this area:

"Guines - I didn't see much of it, but it has a forest nearby, lovely countryside, but it does (or did in 1998) have a wonderful young doctor - I fell over a kerb and fractured my shoulder. Young builder working nearby rushed for doctor who having coffee in the bar I'd have gone in if my friend hadn't turned her nose up at it, causing me to rush to look at local map and wham! Ended up in Calais hospital outpatients who equally wonderful. It's a pretty village, and I can vouch for the natives being friendly."