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What Is A Tourist Attraction?

For the purposes of this guide to days out in Kent, anything that might be of interest to visitors to can be included. Everything from places of outstanding natural beauty, historic monuments and theme parks. Many of the attractions we feature have several different functions, for example Rochester Cathedral is an important spiritual centre and a focal point of the Church of England community in the diocese. It is also a magnet to visitors to the Medway town If something is likely to be of interest to visitors we're happy to consider it's inclusion in these pages.

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The Latest Review - Stour Valley Arts

Stour Valley Arts

On Saturday 21st June, Stour Valley Arts held their annual evening Midsummer Picnic, which took place in a commissioned artwork in King’s Wood (a 1500-acre forest and a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Challock) by Polish artist Lucasz Skapski. Via Lucem Continens (an avenue of over 200 planted Yew trees) was specially designed to frame the last rays of the setting sun on the longest day of the year. This year the ritual was invigorated by the launch of a new artwork in the forest, Tabula Fortis in Pace - by artists Uwe Derksen and Anthony Heywood, and traditional woodland fairy tales in the midst of the forest, orated by professional story tellers from ONCA - One Network for Conservation and the Arts. The magic of the evening was amplified by the eerily electronic call of night jars in the dark, and the seemingly-digital wink of glow worms in the grass lining the route out of the forest to the car park.

This year’s event was attended by over 40 people. One visitor commented: ‘What a great evening. I have been turning up to these summer picnics for years. My daughter loved the story telling and the sunset this year was spectacular.’
Esther Collins, Stour Valley Arts said:  ‘Our Curator worked hard this year to create a full evening of midsummer activities for people coming to the forest and it was previous sculptures now being reclaimed by nature. You might also spot experimental pieces made during SVA’s education workshops.

All Image Credit: Esther Collins and Amanda Thesiger

Location & Contact

If you need more information about the event and Stour Valley Arts visit their website, email or call 01233 664987

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