Reviews And Listings For Great Kent Bars And Pubs

We have been reviewing pubs for 13 years. In that time the quality and quantity of our coverage has changed considerably, based in large part on user feedback and researcher recommendations. If you have had a particularly good or bad pub experience we welcome your comments. We try to keep these reviews up to date but inevitably sometimes things change before we are able to alter our records, so always check with the pub if you need to know something in particular. Our contact details are at the bot om of the page.

This is not intended to be a complete directory of all local pubs, that's not our intention, rather we aim to publish a selection of some of the pubs in Kent that we or our users and researcher are minded to recommend. This is the link for our current Kent pub review.

The Best Pubs In Kent - Our Recommendations?

We base our reviews on our own first hand experience or that of our users. From time to time Kent landlords or managers provide details about their own businesses which we may also publish. If you're going to submit your 'local' for a listing bear in mind the following points:

  • Wherever possible we add some value to the reviews for our users, so rather than just say you like somewhere give a few reasons why someone should go out of their way to visit the place.
  • Try avoid stating the obvious and emphasise the unusual or interesting. For example The Artichoke at Chartham has a well inside the building and The Bowl Inn at Hastingleigh was the local CAMRA pub of the year 2012.
  • Review drink and food separately, some users come to drink some to eat.
  • It's not necessary to include a full price list but try to give an idea of the general price range particularly for food.
  • Don't invest a lot of time on highly critical comments, we can't use them, when there is negative comment we generally remove our review when we're able to confirm the details.
  • We're just not able to publish everything we receive, although we do read everything that is sent to us.

Feel free to endorse (or otherwise) the reviews that we have already published. Just because we like a place it doesn't mean that you will, the simple criterion we use is "would you go back to this pub again" if the answer is no, we don't feature the pub. It's on this basis we offer the reviews.

The Best Kent Pubs, Country Inns, Town Pubs

If you think you know of a great Kent pub we would welcome your thoughts, please give some reasons why you think a pub is worthy (or isn't) of inclusion here. At this moment in time we are undergoing a strategic review of the establishments we hold in our directory. During our recent audit we saw that at least three no longer exist and several had not been personally visited for at least four years. We hold details for over 200 pubs and this is a large total to maintain reliable, up to date reviews for, we also need to improve the indexing system. The pubs should all be back on line in late October.

One of the advantages of publishing reviews for over a decade is the user feedback that we have been able to accumulate in that time. Most of our users have a different view over what constitutes a great pub and a survey for the best pub in Kent would reveal hundreds of candidates. Here's one simple example, we received an information request for a list of pubs in the Medway towns with big screen TV sport in the same week as a request for recommended pubs without TVs in the area. People are different and what is good or bad is very much a personal thing. One of our aims in the current Kent pub review is to find a system to highlight the actual qualities of the pub not just our own likes and dislikes.

The Listings

As you may have read above we are in the process of updating our listings, we're just starting to publish pub details and well be increasing the number of links here in the coming weeks.

The Black Horse Inn is a pub restaurant and luxury B&B at Thurnham on the Pilgrims Way.

The Blazing Donkey is at Hay Hill in Ham, telephone 01304 617362 for bookings.

The Bottlehouse Inn can be found at Smarts Hill in Penshurst, booking in advance for the restaurant is advisable 01892 870306.

The Chaser Inn delicious food and drink at Stumble Hill, Shipbourne near Tonbridge.

The Duke of Wellington is well worth a vist and can be found at The Street in Ryarsh.

The Fighting Cocks; we will return and if I can get hold of a pair of flares it might be on a Sunday evening. DA4 9BY for satnav and 01322 862299 for bookings.

The Hook And Hatchet is one of the few pubs left in Kent where you can tie the horses up.

The Old Neptune set right on the beach in Whitstable, live music takes place most Friday and Saturday evenings.

Kent Pub Disclaimer & Feedback

The page is currently under development, we welcome user feedback, in particular suggestions about pubs and inns we can include in the Kent pub guide. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our content but we can't take responsibility for third party websites. If you spot anything you think we should change please let us know.