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About Standard Life Insurance

On this page we focus on Standard Life, so perhaps we can begin by talking a little about them. Bear in mind that the size of a company nor it's past history are necessarily reliable indicators of the competitiveness of any of the products it may sell. However Standard Life has a history going back nearly 200 years, mostly as a mutual company, although they demutualised 2006, now they have close to 1.6m shareholders spread around the world. The business manages over £180b and in addition to insurance they also offer clients; stocks and shares, pensions and ISA products

Life Insurance Quotations

The insurance is a LV= Life Insurance plan. You'll need to visit the website to check out the specific terms and conditions. It's basic aims can be summed up by: providing a lump sum or paying off a mortgage in the event of the insured person's death. Providing the option for a reduced payout if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The Standard Life Plan

This feature is currently under review, please check directly with the insurer for the current details.

Home Insurance Comparison Websites

We'll have to plead ignorance on this subject, we don't have much experience of life insurance comparison websites. I've previously stated that my car insurance quotes have generally not been bettered buy the direct comparison boys but life insurance may a be a different kettle of fish. If you have some first hand experience why not share it?

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