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This is the Yourcounty weather forecast page. The aim of this feature is to provide the current Met Office forecast for Kent, share general meteroligical information and resources and link to specific features and websites holding relevant information. The Met Office 'in page' widget provides the live local weather forecast.

In our experience the Kent weather forecast at the Met Office website is the most reliable, but unfortunately weather forecasting is not an exact science. It's still the case that local variations to regional forecasts may exist. One of the straegies to counter this is to try and look at multiple forecasts from different sources.

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Weather forecasting is also made a little harder but the presense of two or three microclimates that can produce local conditions very different to those forecast. The North Downs in general have this problem, there are several anecdotal accounts of there being sunshine in Maidstone, lying snow on the hills and light rain on the coast. Canterbury can also suffer in this way and cricket followers visiting the St Lawrence cricket ground may have experienced dull damp conditions in Boughton only to fine warm sun at St Lawrence Cricket Ground (and vice versa).

The Met Office however provides about the best forecasts we've seen,, it provides five day local forecasts for many of Kent main towns.

If you need the latest Kent weather information; or any other meteorological news, click on the relevant links below. For Ceefax weather tune to page 400 or 402 for local information. Teletext weather can be found online at the teletext website (

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Kent is one of the warmest parts of Britain, temperatures often being the hottest in the UK, rainfall is also below the national averages.

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