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Rats Dreaming Of Tomorrow

Based on interpretation of recent research at UCL reported in New Scientist, rats may dream about what they would like to do the following day. Inevitably theories regarding the content of animal dreams contain some conjecture but there is eveidence based on the neurology of humans that rats may be able to picture the future.

Pyramid Shape Found On Planet By NASA

The latest reports from Sky News indicate that NASA scientists are investigating a three mile high 'pyramid-shaped' mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres. NASA's Dawn spacecraft is curently in orbit above the Ceres.

Anti-Ageing Drugs - Used By Millions Already

New Scientist reports there is emerging evidence that relatively cheap and accessible medication may be able to help people defy age and live longer. Geroprotectors hold the potential to add a decade to the average lifespan, and because they are currently being used for a range of conditions they are already in the market.

Oxford Scientists Set Out To Find Yeti

The Independent carries a short story connected to the discovery of hairs found in the Himalayas that may come from a bear that hasn't been seen since the Pleistocene era. It is possible that if existent the bear may have a connection with the persistent Yeti legend.

Soccer Player Hit By Plane

A football player was struck by a paper plane thrown from the stands in the recent international game between England and Peru. Full detail,s and the amazing video at Sky News.

Police Car Plays Hip Hop

One of the latest 'viral' clips on YouTube seems to show an Essex Police car in Chelmsford town centre playing the Sound of Da Police, a hit from the 1990s. The full story can be found at The Telegraph website.

Addicted Sheep Commit Suicide

There are reports coming out of Australia that hundreds of sheep in parts of NSW are experiencing great suffering following addition to a local wild plant called the darling pea. The sheep graze on the darling pea which is toxic to them and have been observed engaging in erratic behavior including the loss of coordination and a state which is presumed to be depression. Full details of the story can be found at

Just Once Is Enough

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Medical School have revealed that a solitary night of binge drinking can have a significantly negative impact on health. The full story at Science Daily.

Welsh People Are Being Targeted For Abduction

Well known ufologist and abduction victim Hilary Porter has identified a stretch of road between Cardiff and Swansea that is being targeted by telepathic aliens according to Wales Online.

The Loch Ness Monster Is A Water Spirit

A Buddhist leader in Scotland has suggested that the Loch Ness monster might be a Naga or water spirit. Naga is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for a being, possibly a deity taking the form of a snake or reptile with a strong connection to water. The concept of Nagas exists across Asia but are particularly prevalent in: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. For more details take a look at The Scotsman website.

The Secret To The Building Of The Pyramids

Another decade and another theory about the constructions of the Egyptian stone monoliths. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam suggest transporting large stones may have been possible using sleds if water was used to create that right conditions of dampness to allow the sled to be pulled. More details at the Daily Mail.

The Black Ring Of Leamington Spa

There has been a mysterious object in the sky above Leamington Spa, it has been captured and recorded by Georgina Heap (16), on her iPhone. The object remained in the sky for three minutes and then vanished. Full details at The Daily Mail.

Mayor Makes A Trip To Tesco - In His Car

It was a question of buckle your seat belts when a car drove through the front door of the Tesco Express in Lawson Place in Suffolk on Tuesday 21/05/13. No staff or customers were injured and there was minimal damage to the car or the store. The story was picked up quickly by the media because the driver of the car was the Mayor of St Edmundsbury, Councillor Terry Buckle. In the spirit of customer service excellence the doors opened as the car approached them! You can find details of the story at the BBC local news website.

look to the skies

The Fertility Goddess And Kent

As we head towards Easter I thought it would be an appropriate time to mention that the origins of hot cross buns are said to go back to Saxon times and the worship of the Goddess Eostre. In the spring, spiced buns with a cross were made and consumed as part of the feast of the deity. One of the legacies of Eostre is in the place names of many towns and villages across Northern Europe including perhaps Eastry in Kent! Although some sources maintain the name Eastry is derived from 'East - Province'. The village was home to the Saxon Kings of East Kent.

Seal Spotted In The Fens

Recent flooding in East Anglia presented a seal with a chance to venture 50 miles inland, there's footage and an interview with an eye witness who saw the animal in flooded fields near St Ives in Cambridgeshire.

Mouse Brings BBC Travel To A Halt

The appearance of a mouse on top of a computer monitor brought a surprise intermission to a live broadcast at BBC Three Counties radio. The live clip is still available on the BBC website.

The UFO Highlights From 2012

Want to see a UFO review of the last twelve months? UFO watchers have trawler through all the sightings of the last year and produced a half hour film of the bests sighting of the year. Many of the clips were originally featured on Youtube. Full details from

Monks Are Being Spoilt To Death

As many as half the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are risking ill health because of the high levels of sugar and salt in their diets. The monks typically eat what is donated to them by the local communities. The donors aim to provide treats and luxuries for the monks, however this in the long term is being detrimental to their well being according to SKY.

Elephants Saved By Vodka

The harsh Siberian winter can regularly bring temperatures as low as -42/C. This present real problems to animals and humans. Two elephants exposed to these temperature were saved by a cocktail of vodka and warm water. For the full story visit the BBC.

The Present For The Person That Has Everything

Some of the most expensive coffee beans in the world are created by twenty elephants in Thailand. The secret to the strong but smooth taste is the elephant's digestive process. According to Sky News when the beans are recovered from the dung they have the traditional coffee flavour but much less bitterness.

Whisky Restores Sight To A Man Blinded By Vodka

In one of the most innovative cures that I have ever heard about Denis Duthie's may owe his life to quick thinking medics and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. The full story can be found on

Badgers Blamed For Road Collapse

The local opinion is that a recent road collapse in Somerby, Leicestershire has been caused by Badgers. The 'black and whites' have been tunneling under the surface and small holes eventually turned into craters. According to the road will need to be closed for at least three weeks.

Dogs Learn To Drive - In Seven Weeks

Believe it or not, dogs are being taught to drive a car in under two months. It's not the 1st of April, check out the BBC footage, it's incredible. A NZ based charity has taught the dogs (Monty, Ginny and Porter) to change gear and even steer in order to highlight just how intelligent these animals are.

Is The World Sprint Record Under Threat?

Kenichi Ito, a 30 year old Japanese man has just smashed his own four limbed sprint record by covering 100m in 17.47 seconds. Kenichi is confident that he can go even faster suggesting that his ultimate goal is the world 100m record. Full story and incredible video footage at Sky News.

Coptic Pope Chosen By Young Boy

The Coptic Christians in Egypt proclaimed a new Pope earlier this month in an extraordinary ceremony shown at the BBC. Bishop Tawadros was chosen from a shortlist of three by a blindfolded boy who pulled the Bishop's name from a glass container in a live ceremony in Cairo's St Mark's Cathedral.

Japanese Waterspouts Filmed From A Helicopter

This week saw the BBC broadcast some very rare footage of waterspouts captured in Wakayama and shown originally by Fuji TV. The phenomenon lasted no more than 10 minutes and didn't develop into a full blown tornado.

Dracula's Royal Connection Boosting Tourism

As unlikely as it seems the Romanian tourist board may have come up with a winning formula by emphasizing the family ties connecting Prince Charles and the medieval Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler. A 7% growth in tourism in the first quarter of this year is being seen as evidence of the PR value of this unexpected connection. Full details at The Telegraph website.

All Souls Ghostly Appearance

If you've been celebrating Halloween this year you might be interested to know of an unusual manifestation (caught on CCTV) in Hull on all Souls day, November 1st. The reported incident occurred at one of Hull's most historic pubs The Scale Lane. An interview with the landlady and the footage can be seen at the This is Hull website.

Relationship Between Modern Humans and Neanderthals

It's always interested me to understand what the relationship between Humans and Neanderthals have been. It strikes me that this is a really important way of understanding how early humans experienced the world. Did they try and destroy potential threats or create more productive relationships? According to the Daily Mail these two primitive communities may have had a cooperative relationship, at least in the South of France/North of Spain.

The Banana Is The New Potato?

Climate change watchers are suggesting that one scenario that might play out in a future world that gets hotter is the decrease in cultivation of; potatoes, maize, rice and wheat. The BBC is reporting that this shortfall could be taken up certain varieties of bananas. There is some science at work here and it may be more than just idle speculation.

Could Halloween Be Damaging Spirituality?

Not our thoughts but the reported comments of Archbishop Andrzej Dzieg from Poland. The Archbishop has issued widely reported warnings that Halloween may directly conflict with the church's teachings and traditions. Details of the statements can be found on the BBC website. The church has been making overtures about Halloween 'celebrations' for some time and the relationship with the celebration of All Souls day on 1st of November. Ironically Poland was one of the last countries in Central Europe to fully convert to Christianity.

Recycling Taken To The Limit

A recycling facility in Totnes was shut this week when a rocket propelled mortar was found on the site. Some details were published at This is South Devon. At the time of writing the mystery hadn't been resolved. If you can fill in the gaps drop us an email (contact details at the foot of the page).

Wild Boar On The Rampage In An Office

As sightings of wild boars seem to be becoming more common in Kent and East Sussex this story present a timely reminder that one must be wary of these animals. The clip on the Sky website shows the boar running amok trying to get out of a window and causing some damage.

Carrot Tin Hedgehog Rescued

Amazing story at the BBC website (and picture of a hedgehog that was saved despite getting it's head stuck in a discarded tin can.

Man Senses Tumour In Twin

According to when an identical twin experienced headaches, a tumour was identified in his brother.

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