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Looking to buy or sell a house in Kent? County wide estate agents are listed on this page. Find an estate agent based on a specific area, or estate agents selling new home using the links below. We provide a free listing service for estate agents and letting agents operating in the county, listings are free and do not imply any endorsement or recommendation. At the current time local property prices are showing some signs of recovery.

We welcome submission of details for inclusion on these pages, and if you find any of our details out of date please let us know. Visit this page if you are looking for Kent Letting Agents.

Kent is a growing county, Kent County Council (KCC) has a policy requirement for the 20 year period 2006‐2026 for 123,120 new dwellings. Local estate agents can normally be reached on the local area pages linked below (currently undergoing maintenance). County wide agencies further down the page.

As we head into 2015 we are undertaking a full review of our 30 local estate agent and letting agent pages, we're checking both the quantity and quality of the information we publish. During this review we have taken the pages offline, we expect the new pages to be relaunched in the spring 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If you are new to the county of Kent a little background information might be useful if you wish to find an estate agent and eventually consider buying a house. Kent is a historical county, which at one time included the London boroughs of Bexley and Bromley as well as the Medway towns. The creation of the GLC and the Medway unitary authority has seen the political boundaries of the county change. But the idea of Kent's traditional boundaries persists for many. We at Yourcounty take Kent to mean everywhere that falls within the Kent postal area including, Bexley, Bromley and Medway. Many sporting and cultural organisation still define Kent based on the pre-1965 (GLC) boundary. If you are interested in KCC housing monitoring documentation check out the website linked from the KCC web site.

If you were to buy a house in Bexley or Bromley you might find that you have a Kent postal address, be connected to a 'Kent' telephone exchange, your local football team might be eligible to enter the Kent Cup and your neighbors might think of themselves as living in Kent but you will in fact be living in a London Borough. Any good estate agent will be able to give you more information about the local area you might be interested in moving to.

If you want to know more about any particular area visit our local pages (currently being updated). This Property Guide links you to hundreds of Kent; estate agents, letting agents and property firms. Companies operating across Kent and South East London are featured on this page.

Kent Estate Agents Operating County wide

  • Bairstow Eves - An estate agent working in retail sales for over a century. They now have 250 offices, with a significant number in Kent.
  • Exclusive Homes - Specialist in fine homes across the South East with a head office in Canterbury, a network of over 100 agents specialising in quality homes worldwide.
  • Freeman Foreman - Branches in West Kent and Sussex, over 20 years of experience, a member of the Countrywide network.
  • Haart Estate Agents - Have offices across Kent and nationwide this link leads to the Haart website, a one stop shop for anyone thinking about moving house.
  • Mann Countrywide - Part of the Countrywide Group, properties can be viewed on the Right Move website. Over 20 Offices in Kent.
  • Ward & Partners - One of the market leaders with around 40 sales office across Kent and East Sussex.
  • Your Move - Formerly known as General Accident, Your Move is now one of the UK's top estate agents with offices across the region (43 in Kent at our last count).

Other Services

Other property related pages featured on Yourcounty (these sections currently offline):

  • New Homes In Kent (estate agents selling new homes)
  • Kent Commercial Property Guide (agents working in the commercial; sales and retail sectors)
  • French Estate Agents (a selection of agents selling and renting property in and around the channel ports)
  • Mortgage Guide (advice, information and advertisements for mortgage related subjects)

Free Listings

Estate agents from the: Kent, Medway, Bromley and the Bexley areas are welcome to submit their details to us by email (please include "Kent Estate Agents" in the subject line).

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