Crab Cakes

An Easy To Follow Recipe

Crab Cakes are essentially fish cakes where white crab meat is used rather than fish. Crab cakes originate from the Baltimore area USA. It may interest Kent residents to know that on the Pacific coast of the USA the Dungeness crab is often used to make this local favorite. In the US boardwalk crab cakes can both be a gourmet dish as well as a fast food treat, according to the ingredients and method of cooking and serving. In essence the higher the proportion of good quality crab meat the more expensive and better quality the crab cake is likely to be, although their are exceptions to this general rule. If you're looking for more seafood meal ideas, both starters and main courses, check out the Kentish Recipe Directory.

In the US, Baltimore is regarded as being the home to the crab cake but they are very popular throughout the state of Maryland. In the UK crab isn't commonly used in fish cakes although it is a dish made and served in towns with strong connections with the crab. Cakes made with seafood and flour and or potato are in fact a worldwide phenomenon you cab find them in Vietnam Denmark (fiskefrikadeller), Japan (kamaboko or satsumaage), in German they are known as Fischfrikadellen to name just a few of the countries where they are eaten.

Our crab cake recipe is simple to make, gives pretty consistent results and a great way to introduce young eaters to the delightful taste of crab. Despite its delicate taste I love crab cakes with a hot salsa as a starter but you'll find they go well with just about anything from a salad to a risotto. The most important aspect of the dish is the ratio of crab to potato, I'm using 2 parts crab to one part potato but this can be adjusted to suit your taste. 

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Crab Cake Preparation Time: 50 Minutes
Crab Cake Cooking Time: 8 Minutes

Ingredients: Serves 4

500g cooked crab (white and dark meat)
250g cooked mashed potatoes
150g bread crumbs
1 medium sized shallot finely chopped
1 tbsp of finely chopped coriander
1 finely chopped pepper (without seeds)
1 egg
Vegetable oil
Pepper and salt to taste
2 tbsp of plain flour

Crab Cake Cooking Instructions:

1. Take the crab, potato, shallot, coriander, pepper and mix by hand in a bowl for the best results. When ingredients are blended add salt and pepper to suit then mix further. Shape the mix into 8 cakes. 

2. Coat each one of the cakes by dipping into the beaten egg, then the flour then the bread crumbs then leave to cool for at least 40 minutes in the fridge. Don't worry if you don't have a complete uniform coating at your first attempt and avoid the temptation to re-coat the cakes.

3. When the cakes have cooled, heat the oil in a frying pan. The cakes need about four minutes each side so make sure you have a pan big enough to cook the lot together or some way of keeping them warm. Make sure you have the oil at a moderate to high heat, avoiding spitting fat but the cakes need to be sizzling the moment they hit the oil.

4. Serve with a salad in summer or try them with together with a spicy Mexican or Indian side dish. 

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