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If you have a cocktail or drinks recipe you would like to share feel free to drop us a line. Aside the drinks features we link to below we have over 100 other food ideas in our main Kentish Recipe Directory. There doesn't seem to be universal consensus about the origins of the word cocktail. On the other hand there does seem to be an acceptance that the earliest known cocktail dates back five thousand years to Mesopotamian.

On this website we have a small section for drink and cocktail recipes, these are really here by public demand, we have plans to increase the coverage of our cocktail and drink recipes but this is very much a work in progress. We've been running recipe pages for about ten years, in that time user and researcher feedback have been central to developing and improving our content. If you have any drinks or cocktail recipes you'd like to suggest or if you want us to feature your favorite cocktail get in touch. You'll find the Yourcounty cocktail details below.

You'll notice that we feature mulled wine, this is a seasonal drink that only really makes an appearance at Christmas. It seems to be gaining in popularity in the UK. We have a recipe for mulled beer, we haven't published it yet and I'm assured is very popular in Eastern Europe. Warm aromatic beer, has anyone tried this?

Cocktail And Drink Recipes

  • How To Make A Cosmopolitan Cocktail - Probably one of the most well known and consumed cocktail of the 21st century, thanks in no small part to the 'must see' TV show Sex and the City. So celebrated has the Cosmo become that there has even been a cologne and scented soap and ice cream made to imitate the smell of this cocktail.
  • Long Island Iced Tea- A short guide about Long Island Iced Tea. The Long Island Iced Tea (sometimes known as LIIT) enjoys the reputation of being as refreshing as an iced tea but also having an alcoholic twist. Our researches have seen several different versions, the most popular incorporating: vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. The use of an orange liqueur (Cointreau or Triple Sec for example) is essential but this is cocktail that lends itself to experimentation. If you can improve on our recipe we'd be delighted to hear from you.
  • How To Make A Mojito Cocktail- Everything you ever wanted to know about making a Mojo but were afraid to ask!. Traditionally, you are looking at five ingredients to make the perfect Mojo: rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. If you've ordered this drink in the Caribbean you may have found that yerba buena was used instead of mint. Typically this cocktail is not extravagantly strong , normally about 10% alcohol l by volume.
  • Mulled Wine - Are you looking for instructions on how to make mulled wine. This is a popular seasonal drink enjoyed in many European countries.

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We hold a limited number of drink recipes, these have all been published in response to user requests and suggestions. If you have something you would like to share with our audience let us know. We encourage feedback about our drink recipes in particular and the whole Kentish Food Directory in general.