Visual Guide To Suet Dumplings

This page holds a simple video guide, it's the best we've seen, if you know of a better dumpling video recipe please lus us know. You can visit our own dumpling page if you want a traditional recipe. This video features Felicity Cloake and her Beef Stew and Dumplings Youtube recipe, we think it it shows just how quick and easy it is to prepare. We have over 100 traditional meal ideas in the Directory.

The basic idea of dumplings is so common that there are literally hundreds of versions, some dumplings are filled and others solid, some of the more popular versions are: gnocchi, palt, galuska, pelmeni, pangsit, takoyaki, boulette, perogi, uszka and kopytka. We outline traditional suet dumplings a very common dish but has fallen out of the UK in recent years.

Many recipes talk about dumplings but this is very much a matter of taste. In our experience dumplings cooked in beef stew can be fluffy inside but dry and crusty on top if the dish has been cooked in the oven. Further variations can be made quite easily, in certain parts cheese dumplings are made by simply adding grated cheese to the dough. We've also experimented with garlic and coriander as well as fish paste.

The video recipe gives you full instructions but from the feedback we've received over the last ten years we can suggest that you should be mindful of not making the dumplings too big if this is your first time.

If you're looking for other possible dishes to serve your dumplings with, you might like to try minced beef, lamb stew or evne a lentil casserole. Once you step outside of the use of suet you can find hundreds of possibilities. Home made ricotta gnocchi or curried goat with sweet potato calls just two exciting ideas.

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