Muffins, A Simple Beginners Guide

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A frequent question we have received is "what is the difference between a muffin and a cup cake?" No simple answer not least because the definitions of both muffin and cup cake are flexible and dependent on which side of the Atlantic you are standing. The simplest way of describing the main difference is that cup cakes are usually iced and can be thought of as being sweeter. This is however not definitive.

In England a muffin was traditionally a small round bun with a small round appearance, they are savoury not sweet. For many years breakfast muffins were eaten in Britain for breakfast, they were on the menu of a leading fast food restaurant. Increasingly this British style muffin is called an English or breakfast muffin to distinguish it from the sweet muffin.

If you are new to cooking it might be helpful if I point out that there isn't one recipe for any dish, not even something as simple as boiled potatoes! What does this mean to someone wanting to follow a recipe? My advice is to look at the description of the dish before you follow the recipe. It might be that my version of Home Baked Muffins isn't the one that you want or will suit your taste.

For example our sausage casserole recipe has been viewed 250,000 times and probably used tens of thousands of times, often very successfully, yet we do get feedback from time to time that it's not authentic, or it lacks a particular element. This is all relative, all our recipes are tried and tested, we hope you like them and that the results are perfect but it's important

Muffins Recipes

Muffin preparation time: about 10 Minutes
Muffin baking time: 20 Minutes

A fun and simple muffin recipe, children will love to help make muffins and it's a good way to teach them the basics of cooking. If you don't have a muffin tray, throw away paper cake cases will work just as well. Once you become familiar with the recipe try experimenting with blueberries, chocolate or an alternative filling of your choice.

Ingredients: Serves 4-8

380g self-raising flour
100g butter (cut into small cubes)
200g caster sugar
300ml milk
1 beaten egg
100g raisins
large pinch of cinnamon

Muffin cooking Instructions:

  1. Blend the sifted flour and butter in a large bowl.
  2. Fold in the sugar, milk, raisins, cinnamon and egg, don't worry if the mix isn't smooth.
  3. Spoon the mixture into the well greased muffin tray (or paper cases).
  4. Bake on the middle shelf at about 180°C for 20 minutes.

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