How To Make Long Island Iced Tea

This classic cocktail is an excellent party drink, depending on how brave you are feeling you can add as much or as little cola as you like. If you don't have a cocktail shaker, I find that a good stir will suffice. For an extra special twist, try crushing a few ice cubes and pouring them in the shaker with the ingredients. Our tip is to use Cointreau as your triple sec.

Cocktails in general and Long Island Iced tea in particular tend to have a reasonably flexible formula so you will find the taste a little different according to how makes it. One constant factor is that the finished produce should have the appearance of cold weak tea, this is where the cocktail gets its name from. As a general rule the cocktail is stronger than most other's you'll find although you can of course make it or order as strong (long) or weak as you wish. The origins are said to go back about 40 years although there is a story that the drink originated during prohibition which would make it something close to 90 years old.

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Long Island Iced Tea Preparation Time: 2 Minutes


1 part gin
1 part part triple sec
1 part rum
1 part vodka
1 tequila
1 splash of lime juice or lime cordial
1 splash of cola to taste

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, and give a brief shake (you don't want to make the cola totally flat), you may prefer to add the cola after having mixed the alcohol.
  2. Pour in a tall glass over lot's of ice, and add a slice of lemon or lime to taste.

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