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We publish details of some of our best local (and not so local) recipes for main courses. The original idea behind these suggestions were to include traditional Kentish food or highlight dishes using local ingredients; so as you might imagine all the local favourites were our starting point, the lamb and mutton dishes originating from the sheep rearing areas in the south, shellfish from the Whitstable coast, sea fish recipes from around the east coast, fruit and nut dishes, cobnuts and any recipe using the ale and beer that Kent is famed for. What then emerged is that the multicultural nature of Kent and the evolution of eating habits required us to feature a broader range of cuisine. For example we publish a traditional sponge recipe, baked in the oven as it always has been, but we started to get requested for microwavable sponge recipes, our sausage casserole method prompted users to ask for vegetarian alternatives. And so the scope of the Kentish Recipe Directory developed into what it is today due in large part to the prompts of our users.

main course recipes

We generally publish around 100 recipes at any one time (although we have many more) but we generally refresh our published collections brining in new ideas and temporarily retiring less popular suggestions.

Our full list of recipes can be viewed on the main directory page. The suggestions are intended to be eclectic and encompass dishes that can be thrown together in a few minutes alongside more ambitious projects that might take several hours to prepare and cook. We welcome your feedback.

Think of the main course as the centre pieces of your meal, around it you can build the other courses, wine/drinks and or side dishes. As well as preparing excellent ingredients as well as you can think a little about presentation. Your guests first taste will be with the eye.

Good luck with your cooking and feel free to let us know how things turn out. We would welcome the submission of your own recipes (about half of those we feature are provided by other Yourcounty users).

Main Course Recipes

  • Beef & Ale Pie - How to make a delicious and traditional pie, a local flavour can be reached by using one of the distinctive Kentish Ales..
  • Beef Curry In A Fragrant Thai Sauce - Create a sauce then add the meat and vegetables of your choice, simple to adapt for vegetarians. Now one of our most popular 'local' recipes.
  • Cauliflower Cheese - A perfect, lunch, dinner or supper dish, making a cauliflower cheese is one of the tests of basic culinary skills.
  • Chicken Casserole - How to make casserole, this is adaptable for a vegetarian alternative.
  • Chicken Stew - A French chicken recipe donated by people now living abroad.
  • Cod & Butter - How to make a butter sauce for this fish, cod stocks are under pressure so you may wish to use an alternative, if you choose to use cod you can find fish from sustainable sources.
  • Coq Au Vin - Uses a cock rather than a chicken, conceptually this dish relies on an older tougher bird able to release its flavour through a longer cooking method, the exchange of flavours between the ingredients and the sauce is essential. Never try to rush Coq au Vin its ready when the flavours reach their optimum level.
  • Couscous With Merguez Sausages - Something quick and easy to cook, couscous! The merguez sausage is relatively spicy so a local pork sausage can be alternative if you prefer.
  • Crab Cakes - How to make fish cakes using crab meat, this is a very popular American style crab cake recipe.
  • Duck Breast & Garlic - Brilliant recipe for a special occasion, how to impress your guests with strong flavours in a rich sauce..
  • Faggots - How to make faggots, if you cook for anyone who enjoys full flavoured offal style dishes this could be a real winner. Needs to be served in a rich gravy.
  • Fisherman's Pie - How to make fisherman's pie, you have great flexibility in the ingredients, consider white and smoked fish as well as shellfish.
  • Kentish Halloween Hotpot - Something simple for all the family to enjoy can be made spicy or creamy according to your requirements.
  • Lovely Fish Pie - One of our best loved recipes, we have been making it for many years, given the vulnerability of certain fish stocks make sure you consider sustainability when purchasing your fish.
  • Lamb, Potatoes & Lentils - Rich and full of flavour, there is more than one way .
  • Lamb Stew - How to get the most from stew, some similarities with Irish Stew although this dish uses lamb not mutton
  • Lancashire Hot Pot - A traditional hot pot recipe we suggest you use lamb rather than mutton, mutton seems to have fallen completely out of fashion. The topping in this dish is simply sliced potatoes but take some time to get it right, you'll need a good quality potatoes, sliced evenly and ensure it's cooked long enough to crisp up without burning.
  • Lasagna - How to make an authentic lasagna, a jewel of Italian cooking contributed from an actual Italian cook book..
  • Meatloaf - A simple recipe with good results.
  • Mussels - How to cook mussels, brilliant with chips but can be used as a starter.
  • Pan Fried Dover Sole - Quick and simple, impress your dinner guests. The sole is a really delicious fish, delicate to the taste, doesn't need to be over cooked or to have its own natural fragrance swamped by intrusive herbs and spices.
  • Pork With Apple & Cheese - Sweet and full of flavour, you can use pears and perry as an alternative. Our experienced users are telling us to use a sweet blue cheese with this recipe.
  • Perfect Roast Turkey - How to get a great result every time
  • Quiche - How to make quiche
  • Salmon en Croute - A really delicious meal, how to prepare salmon.
  • Sausage Casserole - Brilliant sausage recipe, very adaptable.
  • Skate With Juniper & Capers - The landing and retaining of skate is now prohibited in EU waters beacuse of the relentlessly declining population.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara - An authentic classic pasta recipe.
  • Spanish Omelette - How to make this acclaimed Spanish dish. An authentic recipe, the omelette often being served as a tapas treat!
  • Stir Fried Rice & Pork - A method outlining how to make stir fry, loved by almost everyone.
  • Stuffed Marrow - How to stuff marrow
  • Thane Chicken - A Kentish chicken recipe, it has similarities to chicken supreme that used to be so popular in the 1970s
  • Toad In The Hole - Traditional family favorite and a blast from the past, you can make a vegetarian alternatives. Pick the accompanying vegetables with great care

Main Course Recipes - The Yourcounty Disclaimer And Feedback

The main course recommendations we feature on this page are designed to suit a wide range of occasions and tastes, you will find quick and easy summer salads alongside masterpieces suitable for making a good impression at a dinner party. If you think their are some significant omissions from our coverage or that you'd like to see some of your own favorites included you can let us know. Where we know of interesting main meal resources we are happy to provide links to them but we aren't responsible for the content of other websites.