Mojito Cocktail

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This cocktail is a traditional Cuban long drink. In Cuba it's not a particularly strong cocktail but is a great summer time favourite. There are many variations of this cocktail, and part of the fun is experimenting with the ingredients to find what best suits your tastes. This recipe is my personal favourite, but I also know that flavored rum can taste great in a Mojito. All of our most successful recipes are stored in the Directory.

As for authenticity sake I should say that on Cuba you'll generally find this cocktail is made with yerba buena in stead of mint, the effect is very similar the difference being only delectable by the the most subtle pallet. The strength of this drink should be no more than 12%.

It's quick and easy to create and you're looking at a preparation time of just a couple of minutes.


White  rum 50ml
3 fresh mint leaves (large)
2 tsp sugar (the coarser the sugar the better, I definitely recommend brown)
3 tbsp fresh lime juice (you can use cordial, but fresh lime is much better)
Soda water to taste
5 crushed ice cubes

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Crush 2 of the mint leaves in a tall glass (you can use a fork or spoon for this), then add the sugar and the lime juice and stir through.
  2. Add the crushed ice to the glass.
  3. Then pour the rum and soda over the top, and then add the last sprig of mint and a slice of lime on top.

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