Patatas Bravas

Welcome to out Yourcounty patatas bravas recipe. Tapas are a selection of hot and cold snacks which are traditionally served in bars along with drinks. There are many bars in Spain which serve Tapas free, the more you drink, then the more Tapas you receive. There are hundreds of variety of Tapas, great as snacks individually, but together they make a really excellent meal. Patatas Bravas, are a Tapas favorite, tasty as a snack or starter or just a really original way to cook potatoes excellent with other Tapas dishes or as an accompaniment to a meat dish, these spicy Spanish potato cubes are as versatile as they are tasty. All the successful recipes are stored in the Recipe Directory.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Ingredients: Serves 4

2 Large Potatoes
200 ml of passata or tomato pure
2 Finley chopped garlic cloves
A pinch of cumin
A pinch of cayenne pepper
A teaspoon of paprika 
A pinch of salt
3 Tablespoons of olive oil
A tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
1 and 1/2 Tablespoon of chopped coriander
A teaspoon of chili flakes (optional - this can make this dish very spicy indeed! - See comments below)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Peel the potatoes and cut into one inch cubes.
  2. These will need frying for around 15 minutes, first on a lower heat and then for the last few minutes turn the heat up to crisp the edges.
  3. To make the sauce add the passata, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika and vinegar, (if you are feeling brave add a few chili flakes or some Tabasco for an extra kick), into a small bowl, and mix together.
  4. Once the potato cubes are fried, drain them, pat with kitchen paper, then drizzle the sauce over the potatoes, sprinkle the coriander on top and serve.

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User Comments

"The recipe team,

Thanks for the recipe for tapas potatoes, I've used it so many times that I thought it was time to email some feedback and thanks. You do state the teaspoon of chili flakes is optional but perhaps this should be stressed for the benefit inexperience cooks, i used a pinch and it was more than enough. If I send you my own adapted version would you publish it? Sue Middleton"

Dear Sue,

Thanks for the feedback, yes please send the recipe in.