Tasty Side Dish Recipes

Welcome to the Yourcounty side dish recipe page it was created in response to some of the feedback we've accumulated over the last 15 years. If you've tried any of our side dish recipes or you'd like to share one of your own we'd be delighted to hear from you. All the successful recipes are stored in the Recipe Directory.

Let me begin by explaining our ideas about side dishes. In the UK and much of Europe a side dish is designed to be an accompaniment to a main dish. In countries with more flexible eating traditions the separation between 'mains' and 'sides' isn't so important. What we intend with side dishes is recipes for dishes designed to accompany or enhance a main dish, this doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use a side dish as a main dish. I hope this helps. Here is a list of some of our most popular side dish recipes.

  • Side Dish Suggestions
    • Apple Sauce - The perfect companion to pork, but also a ready ingredient for many; desserts, starters and mains. Apple sauce will keep for a while in the fridge but it has a long life if bottled correctly (this is another skill).
    • Cauliflower Cheese - Or cauliflower gratin if you prefer, is a simple and versatile item able to support a wide range of main courses. A portion can be used as a side dish with; roast pork, casseroles, steak and chips, beef Wellington and even home made lamb vindaloo!
    • Chestnut Stuffing - You will make an unforgettable Christmas dinner if you present a home made chestnut stuffing with the turkey.
    • Dumplings - How to make suet dumplings, really easy, they work particularly well with any meal that has a thick gravy.
    • Fennel - How to cook fennel? Braise, roast, stir fry, it's really that versatile, quite distinctive so use it sparingly with delicate flavours unless you're looking for contrast.
    • New Potatoes & Broad Beans - This summer recipe can be used hot or cold to accompany almost any main meal.
    • Mackerel & Potato - A good side dish, works with a buffet or salad.
    • Home Baked Bread - How can you add something special to almost any meal, even sandwiches? Present home baked bread.
    • Mint Sauce - It's so easy to do, mint grows almost anywhere. Once you become friends with fresh mint you'll find many uses for it other than mint sauce.
    • Red Cabbage - This is the Christmas red cabbage recipe, the recipe can be used as it stands to accompany poultry, roast pork or lamb. With slight adaptation red cabbage is delicious cold with an even wider range of mains.
    • Roast Potatoes - Almost everyone thinks they can cook good roast potatoes yet its rare to come across really great examples. This recipe can show you how to hit the jackpot.
    • Sauteed Potato - How to make Sauteed Potatoes
    • Tapas Potato Cubes - Nice easy recipe can be served with many main courses.
    • Yorkshire Pudding - Yorkshire pudding can be used as a sweet and a savoury. Traditionally an accompaniment to roast beet, a good homemade pudding will be welcome alongside almost any roast meat and many roast vegetable dishes.

Side Dish Recipes - Disclaimer And Feedback

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