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Welcome to the Yourcounty starter recipes, here we publish some of our successful first course recipe ideas on this page. You'll find a fuller selection of dishes in the Recipe Directory.

Starters set the whole dining experience up, if you have some feedback or can suggest some improvements to our modest list let us know, our contact details are at the foot of the page. Good luck and let us know how you get on. We keep many of our most popular starter recipes available online for users, just click on the link to go to the page.

If you're making more than a one course meal the starter is really important to the overall effect and you should look to compliment and/or contrast the courses together. Two simple rules for starters; avoid large portions and try to steer clear of strong flavours, the reasons beings you don't want to fill your diners up nor overpower their senses before the main course.

As a tip if you have an interval between the starter and main or second course don't leave anything edible on the table (bread grissini etc, once people start to eat the body doesn't want to stop until it's full.

Here is a selection of some of our most popular starter recipes. If your favorite does not feature why not let us know?

Suggestions For Starters

    Oysters - You won't find a more delicious starter than angels on horseback, make sure you store them correctly, they are far from simple to open so take precautions.

    Braised Fennel - This is a vegetable in a class of its own, it is delicious and versatile, different cooking methods bring out diverse qualities. The bulb always retains its anise flavour. A small portion with some Parmesan makes a delicious opening to any meal.

    Crab Cakes - Something like a fish cake using crab meat, the better the quality of ingredients the better the finished product is likely to be. Now strongly associated with the state of Maryland in the USA.

    Grilled Sardines - A delightful starter with some; chilli or lemon or perhaps garlic mayo. The marinade is essential, eat the fish as fresh as possible.

    Ham & Lentil Soup - A very warming and traditional soup, small portions for a starter, or large bowl with bread will be a filling meal in itself.

    Kentish Pumpkin Soup - Make something different for Halloween, can be made into a delicate dish with some cream or spiced up with spices if you are looking for something with more character.

    Mackerel and Potato Salad - Delicious, could be accompanied by home baked bread, traditionally a summer dish, great value for money and very healthy.

    Minestrone Soup - Made with fresh vegetables it will provide a delicious and fragrant starter, avoid the temptation to use up leftover vegetables, minestrone requires fresh fragrant ingredients.

    Mussels In White Wines - A delicious opening to any meal, just add chips for a moules e frites main course. Always take proper precautions when cooking with fresh shellfish.

    Patatas Bravas - Patatas Bravas, are a Tapas favorite, tasty as a snack or starter or just a really original way to cook potatoes

    Potted Shrimp - A traditional British recipe, simply delicious when spread on brown bread or toast.

    Quiche - If you have a number of guests it can be a great idea to make several different quiches, serve each guest with three or four small slices by way of contrast.

    Spanish Omelette - a wedge with home made pickle will provide a great starting point to a meal.

    Salmon en Croute - Try it with some rocket as a starter or a fish course.

    Scotch Eggs - A buffet favorite that can be used as part of a cold starter platter.

    Smoked Mackerel Pate - How to make mackerel pate, this recipe produces a delicious result every time.

    Spicy Garlic and Chilli Prawns - A tapas favorite, a very simple recipe.

    Spinach Soup - This will prepare the palate for a roast dinner.

    Watercress Soup - One of my favourite soups, it's harder to think of a healthy starter.

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