Vegetarian Recipes, Suggestions For Meat Free Dishes

Welcome to the Yourcounty vegetarian recipe suggestions. We include several meat free meal suggestions on amongst our food pages, however we're short of original Kentish themed vegetarian main courses, can you suggest any? If you have some feedback or can suggest some improvements let us know, our feedback details are at the foot of the page. All our successful recipes are stored in the Recipe Directory.

Put simply, vegetarians eat vegetables (or plant based foods). However if you are used to catering for large groups of people you will have found that some 'vegetarians' will eat some kinds of seafood. I notice that the term pescetarian is coming into wider use and this may help to clarify the issue from the cooks' perspective.

Animal by-products are also a grey area, some vegetarians might be prepared to eat somthing containing traces of an animal, like a stock or gelatin. Some people (often Buddhists) will eat whatever you offer them although they may prefer not to eat a 'sentient being' that has been killed for food.

Our current vegetarian recommendations are below, our advice is to adapt them for the particular requirements of the people you are catering for. All our other successful recipes are stored in the Directory .

Our popular vegetarian dishes Include

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