Kent County Cricket Club Fixtures 2014 - KCCC Fixtures

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If you want a little bit of Buster's value added insight into the fluctuating fortunes of Kent County Cricket Club take a look at his report card. Recent results from competitive games will appear further down the page when our current review is finished. This link for forthcoming KCCC fixtures. Details from 2012, this season's updates to follow.

We're currently reviewing our local cricket coverage. We'll be announcing changes to these pages over the course of the summer.

Buster's Report Card

Buster will be providing his usual regular thoughts about the progress of the team during 2014. His updates tend to be more frequent when things are going well so please check back if you see Kent stringing a few victories together. Latest KCCC scores and news from the official club website here.

More Kent sport news, and the latest KCCC scores and news from the club website.