Beult House Bees, Local Honey And Related Products From The Weald

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Kent has a thriving online community of Bee Keepers amongst which is Richard Fryd. Together with a handful of local bee keepers Richard sells honey and other related bee products under the Beult House Bees brand. Richard Fryd has been beekeeping since the 1980’s; originally a hobby for Richard, Beult House Bees now has over 200 hundred hives. Follow this link if you would like to acess the Kent Food Directory.


  • bottled honey: which comes in three sizes
  • comb honey in season, a natural way to enjoy honey
  • beeswax polish, bees wax bars and bees wax candles
  • propolis tincture, especially good for sore throats

Their apiaries are based in and around the Weald, centred largely on Cranbrook and Hawkhurst. There is even an apiary at Cossington in the ruins of an old monastery, where there is evidence that the monks originally kept bees. The bottling is done by hand in a building close to the Beult river, hence the name!

You can find Beult House Honey in supply stores, farm and souvenir shops, and other retail outlets throughout Kent and East Sussex . If you'd like more information about Beult House Bees you can contact them on:

  • (01622) 891269

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