Kentish Cobnuts, A Local Alternative To Hazlenut

Welcome to our Cobnuts feature, we've been running Kent themed food and drink features since the year 2000. In that time our content has been developed and improved thanks to user and researcher feedback so we'd welcome your thoughts on Cobnuts or even Kent food in general. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. Allens Farm is just one of the businesses producing Filberts. This link for the The Kent Food Directory.


Kent cobnuts (or filberts as they are sometimes known) are actually a form of hazelnut. They have been associated with Kent for several hundred years, and Kentish cobs would have been a pre or post-dinner treat in many Victorian households. The cob has declined in popularity over the last hundred and fifty years but the crop and tradition is still very much alive in Kent at growers like Allens Farm in Plaxtol. At the time of writing cobs appear to be undergoing a mini renaissance, and the profile and the fortunes of the Kent nut are on the up.

Cobnuts have a good shelf life and if stored correctly may improve in taste by the time the traditional nut eating season (Christmas) comes around. I've occasionally eaten them roasted and although I'm not a great nut eater I am partial to their flavour. I've heard that once upon a time Kentish seamen took cobnuts to sea with them because of the length of time they could be stored (I'd welcome some confirmation of this).

Allens Farm grow cobnuts and sell them direct to the public, in season (August - October) you can even 'pick your own' at the farm in Plaxtol. Cobnuts can be purchased all the year round in 1llb boxes loose in 10lb trays or in paper bags 9when they don't sell out). The website has full details about cobnuts, how to order and even a few recipes. At the time of writing they were selling Green Organic and Golden Brown filberts. Stocks are limited and sell out every year.

As well as Kentish Cobs, Allens Farm also grow; cherries, damsons, plums, and rear lambs under their Allens Farm Organic brand.

Location & Contact

  • Allens Farm, Allens Lane, Plaxtol, Nr Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0QZ
  • 01732 812215
  • Allens Farm Cobnuts

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User Comments

"What impresses me as a local food producer is how much of their stock comes from the South East of England. Without such independent operations small artisan food producers will become fewer and fewer and only those that service the supermarkets will survive. Ocassionally you will pay more for to buy local but in general you are buying a higher quality product where there is a relationship between the supplier and the retailer. The horsegate issue has shown can happen if we lose the local element of food production and retailing. If every every adult purchased just two or three locally produced food items from independent shops each week we could see a transformation in the quality and diversity of the UK food industry in a short space of time. P H J"