Locally Produced Cow And Goat Cheese

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A Passion For Cheese

Originally a milk processing business making cream and butter under the name of the Dargate Dairy. It was sold to Dairy Crest in 2006. Following retaining and refurbishment the production of Ashmore Cheese began in 2007. They are a member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association.

The Cheesemakers of Canterbury cheeses are made in a cheddar style, after the milling process they are wrapped in muslin and pressed for 2 days in original 19th Century presses. After pressing the cheeses are unwrapped and placed "nude" on old pine shelves in the maturing room for at least 5 months for Ashmore Farmhouse and 3 months for the Kellys Goat cheese. Cheeses are turned and stroked daily. The produce is made in truckles (500g - 1kg) and wheels (2kg and 4kg) wheels and is available at in smoked, blue, goats, fresh, garlic and chilli versions.

One of the best places to find and sample their cheeses is at their our own shop in the Goods Shed, Canterbury. It is stocked by other local retailers, see the website for full details. A growing number of local pubs and restaurants are also serving the produce, in particular the Ashmore Farmhouse. There is a free local delivery service as well as chargeable delivery for longer distances (terms and conditions apply).

Product List

At the time of writing the available products included four different Ashmores (all hard): Farmhouse, Blue, Smoked and Ancient. Four goat's cheeses Kelly's Goat (hard), Gruff (semi) Shaggy's Beard and Ellie's Goat (both soft). Canterbury Cobble is s semi hard and naturally rinded product (Semi-hard) and the Brie style soft Chaucers.

Location & Contact

You can find the Cheesemakers of Canterbury at:

  • Lamberhurst Farm
    Kent; ME13 9ES
  • 01227 751741
  • www.cheesemakersofcanterbury.co.uk

The Goodshed is at:

  • Station Road West  Canterbury, Kent CT2 8AN
  • 01227 459153

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