Locally Produced Blue Cheese Made In Kent

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So What Is Kentish Blue?

Steve and Karen Reynolds create this handmade mould ripened blue cheese at their Staplehurst dairy farm. The milk comes from their own closed herd of over a hundred Holstein Friesian cows. In a sense the production of the cheese starts with the careful day to day management of the dairy herd (the grass and maize silage are all home grown). With Kentish Blue everything between the milking process to the maturing of the cheese happens on the same site.

This product is able to deliver good protein and and nutrient levels because it is made with morning milk. The process is very traditional using vegetarian rennet; taking up to twelve weeks to mature.

Kentish Blue is created by Kingcott Cheese Ltd, if you visit the website you'll see that they also sell a range of Kentish Cheese boxes including a Super Six Cheese Box and a Deluxe Cheese Box.

For more information on Kentish Blue you can contact Steve Reynolds at Kingcott Cheese, Iden Manor Farm near Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0ES. If you want to call the number is 01580 892478. Full details at the website www.kentishblue.co.uk

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