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Kentish Cooking And Food Made Simple - Oysters, Ale, Lamb, Sole, Shrimp And Much More

Little known facts about Kent food - No. 176: A 6-ounce portion of oven cooked Dover sole has about 26 grams of protein, half the required daily amount!

Our Kentish recipes; about half the recipes we've published are very traditional typically English dishes. Bread and butter pudding, ham and lentil soup, skate wings, fisherman's pie, potted shrimp and many more. The rest are an eclectic mix originating from all parts but now being made in Kent's kitchens. Some are the work of well known local chef's and cooks but most come from family cook books. We welcome your feedback, and your recipes, even variations on those we already have. We'll credit the details and link to your website if you wish.

Kent has a world wide reputation as the 'Garden of England', based largely on the fruit and hops for which the county is famed. But if you look a little beneath the surface and you will find the county is home to a very wide range of edible produce, some of it of the highest quality. The dishes we feature here reflect the tastes of our audience and so by their nature are diverse.

In Kent you can find local ingredients like: Whitstable natives (Oysters), cobnuts, Dover sole, Kentish apples, Romney lamb, skate wings, real ale and much, much more. Some of these ingredients have been used in the county for over 1,500 years.

We welcome submissions, particularly using locally sourced, quality ingredients. Follow this link for the current Kent Recipe, we keep links to vegetarian recipes on a separate page.


Angels on Horseback - There are a great many variations of this oyster recipe, the basic idea is oysters wrapped in bacon or ham.
Braised Fennel - If you roast fennel there will be a delicious caramelisation but the fullest flavour comes from slow cooking in a covered heavy based saucepan.
Crab Cake - Crab Cakes are very similar to traditional English fishcakes. The term 'crabcake' originate from the Baltimore area USA. It may interest Kent residents to knoow that on the Pacific coast of the USA the Dungeness crab is often used to make crabcakes.
Dumplings - Our recipe is for traditional suet dumplings (like my Mum used to make). But if you're looking for different kind of dumpling recipes we link to five different dumpling recipes based around the basic dumpling theme.
Grilled Sardine - The fish need to be bathed in the marinade for at least an hour, much longer if possible. Grill and eat hot.
Home Baked Bread - What is nicer than the welcoming smell of home made bread? Baking your bread at home may take a little time, but it is well worth the effort, and there is something unmistakable about the taste of fresh baked bread.
Ham & Lentil Soup - If you buy a joint of bacon for boiling, don't throw the liquid away. The liquor can be used to make a delicious seasonal soup, we traditionally make one for Boxing Day.
Kentish Pumpkin Soup - An excellent soup recipes, double the ingredients and make enough for tow days, keeps well in the fridge.
Mackerel and Potato Salad - The Mackerel season lasts from the autumn to mid summer but the fish are at their best during April, May and June. Are easily caught of the Kent coast when in season.
Minestrone Soup - Minestrone is just a version of vegetable soup; with farmers markets' all over Kent why not try some fresh organic Kentish produce.
Mussels In White Wine - A quick word about mussels; there are about 15 types of edible mussle, however you are only likely to come across a few of these. Most consumers are unable to detect any difference in the taste of the most common species of edible mussles.
Patatas Bravas - Patatas Bravas, are a Tapas favorite, tasty as a snack or starter or just a really original way to cook potatoes excellent with other Tapas dishes or as an accompaniment to a meat dish, these spicy Spanish potato cubes are as versatile as they are tasty.
Potted Shrimp - Tradition dictates the use of mace, but this ingredient seems to be passing out of use. If you are looking for a connection to Kent - Wikipedia claims potted shrimp was a favorite of Ian Fleming (the Bond author that lived in St Margarets Bay).
Quiche - Quiche is a versatile dish eaten cold or hot at any time of the year, it will serve as a main meal with salad or vegetables or even as a starter. Wealso include links to our top five quiche suggestions.
Spanish Omelette - The Spanish omelet, or Tortilla is a Spanish Tapas staple and never fails to disappoint.
Salmon en Croute - Salmon En-Croute or Salmon in pastry is quick and simple enough for a beginner to tackle. Because salmon has a unique taste you can put a variety of herbs and or spices of your choice, or leave it plain with a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper We generally tend to have a small portion as a hot starter.
Scotch Eggs - Scotch eggs make a great treat for all the family any time of year. They are simple to make and make a great starter or picnic item.
Smoked Mackerel Pate' - If you only ever try one of our recipes make this it. Simple, relatively inexpensive and tastes great, easily adapted to suit your own preferences. Serves four people as a starter, ten minutes to prepare, no cooking time.
Spaghetti Carbonara - Unashamedly Italian, this is an interesting alternative to pasta with a tomato based sauce. The blend of eggs, bacon and cheese lend it a real English flavour.
Spicy Chili Prawns - Our spicy garlic recipe does have an edge to it, in Spanish cooking you can expect generous use of galic when a dish has garlic in the title.
Spinach Soup - The fresher the spinach the better the end result. Unlike most of my recipes I don't think there is a great degree of flexibility with this soup. I've tried experimenting with the ingredients without much success.
Watercress Soup - Simple recipe with great results, the pine nuts are an option.

Main Course

Beef & Ale Pie - A beef and ale pie is traditionally British and it is a variation on the steak pie popular in many countries. Beef and ale pies characteristically use good quality meat and beer with a fine puff or short crust pastry.
Beef Curry In A Thai Sauce - Beef curry and traditional Kentish food don't normally fall into the same sentence but Asian food is now one of the most widely eaten and prepared cuisines in the county.
Cauliflower Cheese - A British dish that is reputed to have been introduced into the UK via Cypus, the home of the cauliflower. It's very flexible, easy to make and an absolutely brilliant supper meal.
Chicken Casserole - The basic idea of a casserole is a blend of ingredients that when put into the oven in a single dish will cook and produce the desired result with much effort.
Chicken Stew - "I enjoyed your recipe for Duck Breast with Garlic the other night; it was delicious so I thought I'd share one with you for the website."
Cod & Butter - Cod is a name given to a number of fish species, some of which have not been overfished. So it's actually a positive thing to use a non endangered alternative that does the same job but has sustainable populations.
Coq Au Vin - Coq au vin suggests a slow braising of a cock in wine (the male bird traditionally being tough compared to the flesh of a young hen).
Couscous With Merguez Sausages - This traditional North African couscous complements the spicy Merguez sausages perfectly, quick and easy to prepare.
Duck Breast & Garlic - I've tried the basic formula with chicken breasts as well as pork and lamb and although the dish is versatile the duck provides an excellent, full and rich flavour.
Faggots - They are essentially meatballs of minced pig offal with herbs and breadcrumbs. Faggots had been around for at least a hundred years before the second world war but gained in popularity when food rationing started to take effect.
Fisherman's Pie - A pie is normally a dish with a shortcrust or puff pastry case and it can be sweet or savoury, the exceptions include fisherman's pie, shepherd's pie and cottage pie which cover the ingredients in mashed potato.
Kentish Halloween Hotpot - I can't claim any great Kentish heritage for my Halloween Hotpot but it does use ingredients you can buy locally.
Lovely Fish Pie - We've tried several of the leading recipes over the last few years and the one below remains the best in our view! Although we do link to several of our favorites.
Lamb, Potatoes & Lentils - If you haven't tried Puy lentils I can highly recommend them, they can be used straight from the packet after a quick rinse and have a slightly sweet flavour.
Lamb Stew - I think that neck of lamb is the ideal meat to use for a lamb stew, it cooks quicker than mutton and there is much less fat.
Lancashire Hot Pot - The basic recipe uses neck of lamb, shallots, potatoes and kidney, layered in the dish and slowly cooked in a oven. You can swap the kidney for black pudding if you prefer.
Lasagna - This is a variation on an authentic Lombardy Lasagna recipe, without the hassle of a bechamel sauce. With locally available ingredients you can give this Lasagna a local flavour.
Meatloaf - This recipe uses mixed herbs, you can of course adapt to your own taste (chilli, garlic or coriander for example).
Pan Fried Dover Sole - Dover sole is a flatfish, it boasts a delicate flavour and requires the minimum of cooking. Lemon sole can be used as an alternative according to availability of the fish and your personal preference.
Pork With Apple & Cheese - An old established recipe, I've been told you can use pears and perry instead of apples and cider although I've never tried it.
Perfect Roast Turkey - When cooked properly and presented attractively I don't think the basic roast bird needs any great improvement.
Sausage Casserole - This sausage casserole recipe is a genuine hybrid. It's an amalgam of my mother's basic sausage casserole recipe and my own experience and experimentation over several years.
Skate With Juniper & Capers - You'lll find an abundance of skate wings in Kent when they are in season and they can be found in most supermarkets all the year around. When you buy them fresh you may benefit from excellent value as there is often a glut that makes prices competitive.
Stir Fried Rice & Pork - If you like Chinese food, why not try making your own Chinese meal, you might be surprised how easy it is.
Stuffed Marrow - Marrow should be eaten as fresh as possible, I usually peel the skin, core the seeds and pith, then slice or cube the soft whitish flesh, sprinkle with salt for about half an hour to remove the bitterness, wash the salt away and place in boiling water for five or six minutes then serve.
Thane Chicken - "I've tried several of the Yourcounty recipes with mixed success but wanted to mention that the Christmas Red Cabbage was great both on Christmas day and beyond. Can I recommend Thane Chicken to you? "
Toad In The Hole - At its best it is a very tasty dish, filling and usually well received by children. It's an easy meal to make, works well as a lunch, dinner or supper.

Dessert Recipes

Apple & Cobnut Crumble- Currently under review
Bread and Butter Pudding - It is in essence slices of buttered bread together with dried fruit oven baked with milk and eggs. Bread and butter pudding is something that many people associate with traditional British school dinners but the origins are in fact in a centuries old recipe called whitepot!
Chocolate Cake - The traditional and easy to make chocolate cake is below, it's the best chocolate cake we have, it's not the most simple but with experience produces wonderful results.
Christmas Cake - The commonly held definition of a Christmas cake in the UK is of a rich fruit cake made or consumed at Christmas.
Christmas Pudding - Christmas pudding is in fact an invention of medieval England Christians who used to prepare a dessert with 13 ingredients (one each for the 12 apostles and Jesus).
Cookies - Cookies are basically biscuits, try to ensure the additions (nuts, chocolate or whatever) don't swamp the taste of the cookie.
Cup Cakes - Cup cakes are small sweet cakes, often cooked and served in individal throw away paper cups. Traditionally in the UK they are called fairy cakes but this term is now in decline.
Custard - Currently under review.
Fresh Lemon Curd - This is very simple recipe, which is made in the microwave. It uses fresh ingredients and so should be kept in the fridge, it will only last for a couple of weeks, but makes a lovely gift.
Hot Cross Buns - Hot Cross Buns take about 15 minutes to prepare although you have to leave the dough alone for different periods during the preparation.
Mince Pies - Some historians maintain that the modern mince pie is an echo of an old Roman custom practised during Saturnalia. In any case the origins of mince pies as a Christmas treat is at least 700 years old.
Rice Pudding - If you have a sweet tooth glaze the pudding with honey or brown sugar shortly before you remove it from the oven.
Spotted Dick - Spotted Dick is basically a sponge pudding with currants in it, you can use the same recipe for treacle, jam, fruit, or any of your favourite flavours, simply use jam or fruit instead of currants.
Sorbets - Sorbet is a perfect summer sweet, light tasty and very refreshing before or after a meal.
Sponge Cake - This is a simple reliable sponge cake recipe, there are many others, we list our five favorites at the bottom of the page.
Summer Pudding - As the name suggests is a cool refreshing desert made with summer berries, which can be eaten on its own, with cream or ice-cream.
Upside-down Pear Pudding - This recipe is just one example of what can be achieved with a microwave and a little imagination.

Side Dish Recipes

Apple Sauce - Apple sauce (or applesauce) is the traditional accompaniment to many pork dishes in the UK, particularly roast pork. There are however a wide range of pork based recipes that use apples.
Chestnut Stuffing - This is a recipe that has been used for many years so we know it's very reliable, take a moment to read the recipe before you begin, there are many variations on this Christmas favourite.
Mint Sauce - This is one of the easiest sauces to make and a good introduction to cooking for children. Mint traditionally accompanies Roast Lamb but works will with a wide range of lamb dishes, vegetarian meals and Moroccan cuisine.
New Potatoes And Broad Beans - You can use as a; starter, vegetarian dish or main course side dish, just adjust the quantities accordingly.
Red Cabbage - Red cabbage provides a splash of colour, blends well with sweet and sour and is a tasty alternative in its own right.
Roast Potatoes - To make the perfect roast potato you need to get the basics right, there are a few simple rules to observe but once you understand these you can expect to get consisently good results.
Sauteed Potato - A great alternative to roast, boiled or mashed potatoes, if they are cooked nicely they are really delicious and can accompany a wide range of dishes. My own favorite sauteed potato recipe finishes the potatoes off in the oven.
Tapas Potato Cubes- Patatas Bravas, are a Tapas favorite, tasty as a snack or starter or just a really original way to cook potatoes excellent with other Tapas dishes or as an accompaniment to a meat dish, these spicy Spanish potato cubes are as versatile as they are tasty.
Yorkshire Pudding - Traditionally Yorkshire pudding is an accompaniment to roast beef, but there are other ways, to serve it, for example as a tasty starter with gravy, for dessert with jam and cream or just caster sugar and lemon juice.

Drinks Recipes

How To Make A Cosmopolitan Cocktail - The popularity in the UK of the Cosmopolitan (or Cosmo as it's affectionately known) owes much to the 'Sex & The City' television series.
How To Make Long Island Iced Tea - This classic cocktail is an excellent party drink, depending on how brave you are feeling you can add as much or as little cola as you like.
How To Make A Mojito Cocktail - There are many variations of this cocktail, and part of the fun is experimenting with the ingredients to find what best suits your tastes.
Mulled Wine - Mulled wine is a very popular seasonal drink across many parts of Europe. In it's most common form it's prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and sugar.

Disclaimer And Feedback

We take care over our content and this page is checked regularly, but if you find an error or omission please let us know. We offer our recipes in good faith. Many, perhaps a half have been contributed by users, friends and family. The quality and styles varies but if you find any fundamental errors let us know and we'll look into into.

If you have your own favorite dish not included in in our collection why not tell our users about it?